Monday, 12 April 2010

My accidental card

now I know we all joke and say things accidently jumped into our shopping baskets and we just had to buy them but these stickers really did !!
I was in our local factory shop looking for bargains and came across some really cute little puppy and kittens stickers at a bargain price, so they went into my basket, I then looked at some puffy stickers with cute little animals on them , after studying for a while and umming and aarhing like you do I decided not to buy them, I carried on shopping but somehow when I got to the tills the puffy stickers were in my basket lol I didn't realise until it was too late so didn't like to say I didn't want them
when I got home I had a proper look at them and found two sheets of cute little animal ones , a sheet of princess girly ones and a sheet of funny cartoony monster ones - all for 99p
so I make this 'accidental ' card with them

1 comment:

erinscraft said...

I like it = ) Im more of a dog person but its a nice card, I know alot of little and big people who would like it