Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Christmas already ???

I bought these card blanks a while back but just couldn't think what to do with them , I kept looking at them thinking it was such a waste so decided to have a play
I've come up with these two designs, mostly the same just with one subtle difference.
once I'd made them I realised I hadn't put happy christmas on them
do you think christmas cards have to have wording or do you think they're ok like this
also which design do you prefer ( hopefully you can see the difference ?? )
I'm thinking of selling these boxed ,maybe five in a box ??? no idea on price yet ( as you probably know thats the one bit I'm bad at lol )


Happy Days said...

Very smart. I prefer the one on the right. x

Antonia said...

Elegant and yes I prefer the right hand one too x

Crafty JuJu said...

They say Xmas to me :D I prefer the one on the right x

Tracey and Paul said...

thanks for all the comments , I too prefer the one on the right lol
and I think they look ok without wording as well , just plain and simple

Marg said...

Defo the one on the right for me! If you're selling a box personally rather than in a shop you could include some white or red 'card' labels with a message so if people needed a greeting they could add one, the novelty value would perhaps appeal and not add to your costs much? Hope you don't mind my 2 penn'th!

Tracey and Paul said...

great idea Marg , I like your thinking lol
this is something I've been toying with for a while anyway, making a box of cards but leaving them without wording on the front and then adding various greetings ready to just stick on so that people can put what greeting they want on what card , again I thought the novelty factor might appeal

Chocolate Orange said...

Love the one on the right too x

leia said...

Really gorgeous elegant cards - I prefer the one on the right! I think because snow is associated with Christmas no greeting is necessary x