Wednesday, 9 February 2011

special occasion reminder service - one new year resolution you can keep !!

have you promised yourself you won't forget anyones birthday , anniversary etc this year then we're here to help you
We offer a reminder service so that you don't have to try and remember so many special dates that you need cards for.
This is how it works, you contact us with your list of dates that you will need cards for ( if possible give us some ideas for themes , colours etc ). We then enter it onto the reminder service. I use a big book and have a section for each month and add everyones requirements into the right month.
We then try and work a month in advance.
About 3 weeks before the card is needed we will make a mock up card without sticking anything down and send you a photo. Anything you don't like can then be changed quickly and easily until together we have created the 'perfect ' card.
We will then send you a money request and aim to get the card sent to you about a week before you need it.
Some of our customers have given us their whole year of dates but another has done it month by month , then at the end of the year we have the whole set of dates for the following year