Sunday, 24 August 2008

A bit about myself

Right I've got a little bit of spare time a very unusual occurance in this household so I thought I'd share a little bit about myself.

I have two teenage children and up until very recently have always worked with children ( since leaving college many moons ago )

However as my children started to get more independant and didn't need me as much I realised that falling asleep in front of the television every afternoon probably wasn't the way to go so decided to get a hobby.

I ordered a few bits and pieces to make cards and gave it a go. I loved it !! A few days later hubby was looking at what I was doing and thought he'd give it a go. He loved it too lol

we sat most nights making cards until we realised that we were actually making more cards than we had people to give them too and from then on sunrisecards was born

we started off selling on tazbar ( a new online auction site ) and were thrilled when someone actually bought one of our cards and then later came back for more !!

we then progressed to e.bay and although we do sell some on there now we have built up a good customer base who keep coming back again and again.

We pride ourselves on providing good quality handmade cards which can be personalised and tailor made to suit our customers requirements at reasonable prices.

we have now added jewellery and gifts to our range which will make great christmas presents , anniversary presents etc
I love building up a relationship with my customers and regard lots of them as friends now.
On our guestbook we have lots of comments about the great communication which really pleases me as its very important to us .

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